Spoonie Friendly, Quick, Microwavable Meals!

These are recipes I make on low spoons, budget, and time at college. Most of it’s at least somewhat healthy, if missing fruits and veggies, because it’s all packaged or fridge storable food I can buy and keep in my dorm for weeks.
Most of them are vegan because I don’t eat eggs, dairy, or rice, and I do vegan meat substitues rather than real frozen meat, but if you do eat those things, you can replace a lot of this stuff with more “normal” foods :p

Breakfast Quinoa

Microwave Pancakes

Mango Soup

Soy and Wasabi Couscous

Peanut Butter Spice Couscous

Peanut Butter Garlic Couscous 

Cheesy Pasta

Peanut Butter Quinoa (couscous works too!!)

Boca Burger Quinoa

"Italian" Boca Burger 

Tuna Melt

Cinnamon Bagel

Garlic Bagel

no cook things to keep around-

Tofurky Sandwiches

Cereal and almond milk!

Instant Oatmeal

Cliff Bars

Canned Soups- Amy’s Vegan Soups are AMAZING, especially No Chicken Noodle and Thai Coconut!¬†


As microwavable food goes, I feel like I eat pretty well on packaged dorm food with as little effort as possible! :)

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